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Dario’s Venice

Words by Dario, July 2023

Your first coffee in the morning
Usually at home, a few times I take it around and if it happens I go to Belvedere, where my mum works.


A breathtaking view
Venice in general takes your breath away. The times I’ve had the chance to walk around the city I’ve seen many places that make you fall in love, but the view that overwhelms you coming to San Marco square, best uncrowded, which is almost impossible, is unique. At night, maybe in the summer, with the moonlight.


Your favourite urban oasis
Do you know when you find those scruffy little parks with a half-broken concrete football or basketball court? There, that in my opinion is an urban oasis, even if it’s not necessarily a place with lots of greenery or maybe a park.


Public transport of choice
Walking! It would be a shame not to use my footballer’s legs.


If you have a free afternoon
Near my house there is a place that I call a ‘sottopasso’ (subway) where, after crossing a subway, there is a sort of hillock that faces the entrance to the Spinea motorway. I usually go there, take a towel with me and listen to the noise of the passing cars, don’t ask me why, but it relaxes me so much. Or I go and watch football matches around, maybe of friends.

Saturday night dinner
With friends, usually a nice pizza from the Taverna, or a sandwich from the River. At Cice’s house. Waiting for the 8.45 pm game to start.


A good book can be found..
I’m not the right person for this question. I don’t read, I regret it, and I don’t change.


If you could pick a Venetian Palazzo to live in, what would it be?
The chance to tempt fate has always fascinated me, Ca’ Dario suits me. Perhaps even predictable given the name.


For a good glass of wine
I prefer beer in the stands shouting the chants of my favourite team at the top of my lungs. But if I really have to answer you, dinner at Therra in Mirano.


You feel at home…
Among people, as long as it’s the right people.


Your favorite place to meet up with your gang
Bar al Campanile, in Mirano. You can be sure that from 6 pm onwards you’ll find someone you know. Americano on the one hand and interesting networking.


Spritz only at..
Always and only from Tommy, who is none other than the owner of Campanile, also in Mirano.


Favourite island
La Certosa, by boat with friends. Or I’m also tied to Lido where I used to go every Sunday until a few years ago with my company; it was there that friendships were forged that we still carry on today.


The best month of the year to visit Venice
I don’t think there is a right time to visit Venice, it is always beautiful. If I had to choose I would opt for April or May, so as to avoid the scorching heat of summer and the cold wind of winter.

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